Breaking the Plane w. Danielle Taylor

Morgan Cawdrey, Kenneth Yarus, and Daniel Williams sit down with special guest artist Danielle Taylor to talk about her unique painting style, which is built by applying layers of material for a sort of three-dimensional bas-relief effect, then painted over with her signature brilliant colors.  Taylor lives in Somers, MT and has maintained a beautiful gallery called Local Color Studio on Central Ave. in Whitefish, MT for several years, hosting guest musical and fine artists on First Thursday Gallery Nights during the summer.  We discuss the difficulty of maintaining a retail gallery space while still finding time to create.

Meanwhile, Richie Carter works on a 36″x36″ still life painting of a skull for an upcoming show at a gallery, creating a 3D effect with 2D techniques of lighting and shadow.  Cawdrey poses the question, “At what point does a painting become a sculpture?”

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