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Averi Iris is a Montana native, a self-taught teen artist, and athlete living in Bozeman, about to begin her second year of high school. 


As many kids do, Averi loved to paint as a young child. It wasn’t until 2015, at the age of 10 that her painting began to look more like art. As her parents took notice, so did others and she sold her first pieces. With encouragement and plenty of supplies, Averi fully embraced her abilities and has been selling her paintings ever since. 


Today, you’re likely to find Averi on a soccer field, a basketball court, or at home painting with music playing, friends + family nearby. She hopes to continue creating pieces that resonate with her community and plans to eventually travel the world, painting what inspires her in all the places she lands. 

Averi primarily paints with Acrylic on canvas, is never afraid to try something new, and is inspired by all things Montana.
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