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  I grew up on a working cattle ranch in eastern Oregon. I was surrounded by animals and art. I instantly fell in love with the horses and started depicting them in artwork when I first held a crayon. My art started being cast in bronze when I was young and my parents kept much of my childhood artwork. I have created horses in art for over 35 years and I enjoy reflecting on the horses I created when I was four years old. I pay homage to horses.  Horses symbolized freedom, prosperity, distinction and speed.

I’ve participated in many shows and exhibitions for over twenty years and my art has received a myriad of honors & awards. It has been wonderful to witness my art spread and be received by viewers and collectors all around the world. I am excited to create art when I learn it has a positive impact. It truly brings me great inspiration and happiness to know that my art spreads joy. I know that I owe the success of my art to those who believe in me.

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