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Self taught as an artist, Nancy left the public relations field to work as a freelance illustrator for the Los Angeles Zoo. She has traveled all over the United States - working on coyote and pronghorn research projects in Yellowstone National Park, whooping crane release programs for Florida Fish and Wildlife and fish studies for U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Nancy has also worked as a zookeeper and studied animal behavior and anatomy extensively.

Working mainly with acrylics, Nancy combines bold colors with intense detail to depict animals in their natural environment. Her paintings are designed to capture “a moment in time” of that animal’s daily life. Using research obtained from travel, zoos and private collections, Nancy compiles all of her knowledge and understanding of an animal and its environment into a realistic and emotional scene. Emotion is a strong component of her artwork and appealing to the emotional side of an animal’s existence, in a positive way, is an important factor to Nancy’s art.

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