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Born in Santa Monica, California, Ron Riddick became one of the Southwest's best-known artists in the late 20th century with a portfolio comprised of a variety of subjects, from cowboy and Indian scenes to European landscapes and still lifes. Looking at his work, it is evident that he is very careful about what he exhibits. Unlike many artists who are in a hurry to move on to the next canvas, Ron takes the time to create highly finished works of great quality that capture and hold the viewer's attention. Anyone can study the great masters, but Riddick has the ability to unlock the secrets of the luminous qualities of their works through his creativity. He dedicates himself to the visual disciplines of design, correct proportions, and is an expert at capturing sunlight. In addition, his loose brushstrokes and use of color are enhance the already interesting subject matter. Whether he paints a Native American family or draws a herd of horses, he differentiates each one and gives them distinct personalities. 

The Nancy Cawdrey Gallery is honored to have R.S. Riddick's work as the center of the 2020 Summer ArtFest. All the work listed on this site are also available to experience in person at the gallery. Having so many of Riddick's originals in one space is a rare occassion and therefore one to celebrate. Join us on August 14th for a special kickoff event featuring the artist and his incredible breadth of work! Learn more here

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