Homage or Plagiarism?

In this episode of Ctrl+ART+Del, Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, Morgan Cawdrey and Lauren Verardo discuss the fine line between a respectful homage/copy vs. outright theft of intellectual property in the fine art world, a global problem and particularly acute in China.

Meanwhile, Richie and Ken paint a still life scene of a “shot and a shot.” We learn that in the Old West, one round of ammunition (a “shot”) could be exchanged at a bar for a glass of whisky, and that is how the term “shot” came about.  Their still life setup is a shot of whiskey in front of a standing Ruger revolver and a round of ammo.  It is fascinating to watch two painters with somewhat different styles depict the same object.

Click here to view the Youtube videocast of this podcast episode.

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