Breaking the Plane w. Danielle Taylor

Morgan Cawdrey, Kenneth Yarus, and Daniel Williams sit down with special guest artist Danielle Taylor to talk about her unique painting style, which is built by applying layers of material for a sort of three-dimensional bas-relief effect, then painted over with her signature brilliant colors.

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Preparing for a Gallery Show as an Artist

Special guest Cameron Clayton, a young emerging painter from Bigfork, MT, joins Richie Carter, Ken Yarus, Morgan Cawdrey and Lauren Verardo for a frank discussion about exhibiting in a gallery show from inception, titling, pricing and marketing to completion and getting paid. 

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Homage or Plagiarism?

In this episode of Ctrl+ART+Del, Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, Morgan Cawdrey and Lauren Verardo discuss the fine line between a respectful homage/copy vs. outright theft of intellectual property in the fine art world, a global problem and particularly acute in China.

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Showtime from the Road

Morgan Cawdrey, Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, Nate Closson and Lauren Verardo sit down at 10 p.m. one night after hours at the Out West Art Show in Great Falls, MT for a spur-of-the-moment discussion about life on the road as a traveling exhibiting artist.

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Tools of the Trade Pt. 2

This episode continues the topic from a previous episode, exploring some alternative fine art media like gouache, tempera, dye on silk and oil mediums and discussing the tools they use to apply them.

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The Art Biz

As Kenneth Yarus and Richie Carter prepare to head to Great Falls, MT to exhibit at the Out West Art Show alongside Nate Closson during the annual Western Art Week celebration, we take the time to talk about the art business.

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