Showtime from the Road

Morgan Cawdrey, Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, Nate Closson and Lauren Verardo sit down at 10 p.m. one night after hours at the Out West Art Show in Great Falls, MT for a spur-of-the-moment discussion about life on the road as a traveling exhibiting artist. Everyone is a little goofy after 12 hours of schmoozing and a few beers, so it is not the most focused of podcasts, but we wanted to capture the energy and excitement of SHOWTIME.

Many artists criss-cross the country like musical performers, on the road for months at a time meeting thousands of artists and collectors on the way.  It is a very good way to put oneself out there as an artist and make the one-on-one connections that are essential to success.  It is not easy, however, and requires a lot of stamina and planning.

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