Our Mission

The mission of Summer ArtFest at Whitefish is to create a space for artists of all backgrounds to gather and share their love for the arts through their unique chosen expression. Community engagement is paramount to the festival, and its eventual week-long format is meant to encompass all art forms, all throughout downtown Whitefish and beyond. Working together, the Summer ArtFest at Whitefish will be a monumental influence in the shaping of Whitefish as a Fine Art Destination.

Our Team

A group of art enthusiasts, gallery owners and business partners have come together to manifest their common goal of creating a space in the Whitefish Community for art of all veins. Gleaning from numerous areas of expertise, this core team of Summer ArtFest is moving forward with expanded plans for coming years of the festival.

Steve Cawdrey

Co-Show Director

Contact Us

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